How to use IPTV Service on Knsure that you are using KODI v15 (Isengard) or above. The Stalker PVR add on is included as part 

of the package. If you are using OpenELEC, use version 6.0.1 or above.


1)    Install and launch KODI

2)    Select System:


3) select AddOns:


3)    Select My AddOns:


4)    Select PVR Clients:


5)    Select the Stalker Client


6)    Enable the Stalker Client AddOn, then select Configure:

7)    In the General tab, set Active Portal=1 (default) and set  Timeout to maximum value (15):

8)    Select the Portal 1 tab, then enter following values. You need to enter the MAC Address that 

you provided when completing your account confirmation. Server Address is 

cod123.biz:88/stalker_portal/c/ (no http or www). For Time Zone, enter using following schema: 

Continent/City (ex. America/Toronto):

9)    In the same tab, scroll down and select Prefer Provider as preference, select Remote URL as 

Scope, and enter the same address as above for Remote URL, cod123.biz:88/stalker_portal/c/ (no http 

or www).

10) Exit from the Stalker Client AddOn, then select TV in the settings panel:

11) Under the General tab, select Enabled to activate the Stalker PVR. Unclick Disable “Connection 

Lost” warnings, and select Synchronize channel groups with backend(s). Once you click on Enabled, a 

dialog box should appear to show that the TV channels are loading. If nothing happens, reverify 

the MAC address you entered in the Stalker Client AddOn and reverify the URL.

12) All other settings in TV are optional. Depending on what channels you want to keep in your 

channel list, it is recommended that you manage them via the Group Manager (managing them via the 

Channel Manager does not work well). The Stalker Client has an annoying habit of re creating the 

default groups every time you launch the PVR, so if you want to create a stable list of channels, 

do the following: Unselect Synchronise Groups with Backend(s). Click on Group Manager in the 

General tab, then delete all groups except for the ‘All channels’ group, then click on the channels 

in the Visible TV channels column to remove the ones you do not want to keep. Make sure you click 

on OK when you are done. If you make a mistake and want to readd a Hidden TV channel, just click 

on it in that column and it will be readded.


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